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Manicure and Pedicure Course

This is the Ultimate Course in Manicure and Pedicures!

Our industry Recognized Manicure and Pedicure course will teach you how to provide luxurious hand and foot treatments in addition to specialised treatments like paraffin! Learn how to pamper your clients hands and feet and how to apply coluored and French polish. 

This will teach you critical skills and knowledge needed to perform this service both confidently and competently!

  • Learn at your own pace

  • Study from the comfort of your own home

  • Full support and guidance from mentor

  • Includes deluxe kit

  • Live video demonstrations

  • Step by step instructions

  • No timeframe to complete

  • Study with a Registered Training Organization with over16 years experience

What you will learn:

  • Client Preparation

  • Client Consultation

  • Safety Precautions

  • Filing and shaping & Buffing nails

  • File Grits

  • Prepping the nails

  • Foot and Hand soak Manicure routine

  • Pedicure routine

  • Paraffin

  • Manicure and pedicure Polish application

  • Foot, Leg, Hand and Arm Massage routine

  • Exfoliation treatments

  • Cuticle care

  • Mask application

Full Manicure and Pedicure Kit Included:


  • 1 500ml Manispa Blissful Soak 

  • 1 500ml Manispa Revival Scrub 

  • 1 500gm Manispa Purify Mask 

  • 1 500ml Manispa Afterglow Lotion 

  • 1 500ml Pedispa Serenity Soak 

  • 1 500ml Pedispa Invigorate Scrub 

  • 1 500gm Pedispa Nourish Mask 

  • 1 500ml Pedispa Hydrate Lotion 

  • 1 Black Beauty 

  • 1 Silky Sand 

  • 1 Sunshine buffer 

  • 1 Miracle Shine - Sandwich 

  • 1 Pedipad’l with replacement disks 

  • 1 Sleek Curve Cuticle Pusher & Curette 

  • 1 250ml Illume Remove – Twist and lock 

  • 1 250ml Illume Hydrofresh – Twist and lock 

  • 1 30ml Activate 

  • 1 30ml Essencia oil 

  • 1 125ml Ice-O-Blue 


Course Cost:

$800.00 including full SNS Pro Kit

Interest Free Payment Plan:

$50 per week including all kits


AfterPay Available- Study Now Pay Later

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