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Are you ready to launch your beauty Career?

Start your own business?




Casey College of Beauty Therapy Pty Ltd, is a Registered Training Organization delivering both Industry Recognized and Nationally Recognized Accredited Online Courses.

CCBT Beauty Online Courses has become one of the most rapidly growing and highly recommended online training  in the Beauty training industry.

What makes our courses different from other online providers?

1. We are a Registered Training Organization!

2. Industry Accreditation for all online courses

3. Ability to upgrade to a Nationally Recognized Course

4. Courses developed by industry experts

5. Individual Mentor support and guidance 

6. Step by Step Practical presentations and instructions

7. Kits included in all online course payment plans

8. Affordable minimal interest free payment plans

9. Accreditation

10. No time constraints or limits.


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Contact our Course Consultant today to discuss which of online courses will suit you best!

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